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The UK’s highways and roads are the arteries of our nation. They carry commuters, goods, and essential services across the country. Fibaform designs and builds the enclosures and cabinets that house the vital electrical and communications equipment that keeps our roads moving. The latest addition to the Fibaform range is the Type 609J GRP cabinet, built to the recently updated Highways Agency specification for a GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) housing for a range of power distribution and communication-based equipment.

GRP is an excellent choice for highway utility cabinets due to its durability, strength, and resistance to environmental factors. GRP is non-corrosive, making it ideal for outdoor applications exposed to moisture, salt, and chemicals. Its high impact resistance ensures that the cabinet can withstand accidental damage and vandalism. Additionally, it offers excellent thermal insulation and electrical non-conductivity, which is ideal for high-voltage applications where a current needs to be grounded but space is limited. GRP is lightweight, which simplifies transportation and installation. The material is also UV resistant, ensuring long-term performance without degradation from sunlight.

The 609J Cabinet Specification

The unit specification is based on the original steel 609 approved build. The internal equipment can be accessed by both front and rear removable doors with heavy-duty stainless steel hinges, secured using a single fixing lock. The standard roadside enclosure comes complete with locks and a marine plywood backboard. A pack of 4 holding-down bolts, washers and nuts are included. The cabinet can be supplied with a plinth frame, plinth skirt, security strap and keys.

Fibaform – helping the UK stay on the move

Fibaform understands the critical role that our cabinets and enclosures play in supporting the UK’s highways and road sector. We can bring first-class design and project management expertise and advanced volume fabrication techniques to any project. Our robust builds offer exceptional durability, corrosion resistance and reliable performance year after year. Call us on 01524 60182 or fill out our simple online enquiry form. We look forward to helping.