Bespoke Design

Apart from our exceptional quality products, what makes Fibaform unique to our customers is the level of bespoke design we can put into a project.

As we design and manufacture all our products in house, then we are perfectly placed to partner with when you need a product to exact needs.

Size and shape can be generic in a lot of cases, but on some projects specific height, width and depth dimensions are essential to planning. We can also design the interior to a bespoke plan to give operatives everything they need to undertake tasks in the perfect environment. Heating, double glazing, electrics, toilets and kitchens are just some of the elements we can design into a gatehouse, kiosk and most enclosures.

We can also provide you with a choice of colours and in cases where design is essential, we can wrap your product to any design with a tough and durable material.

Customised Features

Our products can be manufactured to suit exact requirements including a full range of options on:

  • Door positions and sizes
  • Electrics
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Ventilation and Cowls
  • Internal Partitions
  • Mounting Boards
  • Cable Entry and Gland Plates
  • Steel base
  • IP Rating
  • Security

If you have a project that’s not the norm, then call us today on 01524 60182 and speak to one of our designers about the options available.

If you would like more detailed information regarding this product then please call us on 01524 60182 or complete the form below and we will come right back to you.