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DNO positioned in snowy Glencoe

Fibaform has teamed up with the Kent Group to supply the highest GRP-constructed DNO enclosure on the UK rail network. Situated over two thousand feet above sea level at the Glencoe Ski Resort, this rugged enclosure spends the Winter months steeped in snow and battered by the elements.

Connecting the rural Highlands

Installed by the Kent Group in the White Corries section of the Glencoe Ski Resort, the Fibaform DNO cabinet provides power for a telecoms REB and mast as part of a major project to expand mobile coverage in the rural Highlands. Fibaform is a trusted supplier to the Kent Group, a mechanical and civil engineering organisation and principal contractor to Network Rail. 

Built for hostile environments

Usually dotted around our streets and railways, a DNO cabinet is constructed in steel or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and provides power for key infrastructures. Fibaform’s heavy-duty GRP enclosures are designed for permanent outdoor installation in a hostile environment, where the non-conductive, insulated construction provides corrosion resistance and avoids the risk of dangerous touch voltages in electrified areas.

Bespoke designs and PADS approvals

We manufacture standard size and layout railway DNO cubicle solutions or build to specification, including PADS approvals and certifications. Our enclosures are constructed from glass fibre encapsulated plywood with timber strengtheners. They are designed to withstand wind loading to BS6399: part 2 and snow loading (on the roof) of 2.5kn/m2 (254kg per m2 ). They meet the requirements of BS476: part 7 class 1 (surface spread of flame and retention of stability and integrity) and ingress protection up to IP54 (excluding vents). 

A peak performance from the installation team

The Glencoe Ski Resort boasts the longest and the steepest ski run in Scotland, extending over 200 hectares amidst the stunning beauty of the Meall A’Bhuiridh Massif mountain range. This dramatic terrain presented the Kent Group installation team with some unique challenges and a tough daily commute involving a ski chairlift, button toe, pisten bully and ski-doo. Using helicopters to bring the equipment into position, the whole project was an impressive collaboration between the Kent Group, the Glencoe Mountain Resort Team, Scottish and Southern Power and Network Rail. Fibaform is proud to play a small but essential part in this venture and are confident the robust build quality will provide excellent weatherproof protection for many years to come.  

helicopter ready for installation of a dno enclosure
Ski do positioned on a snowy slope ready to clear the way for a DNO enclosure installation

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