GRP Cubicle for a Trackside Location

Our heavy duty, GRP Enclosures are designed for permanent outdoor installation in a hostile environment, where the non-conductive, insulated construction brings benefits of corrosion resistance and avoids the risk of any dangerous touch voltages in electrified areas.

Fibaform have a Network Rail footprint meaning we can supply a range of PADS approved Enclosures/Cabinets. Our Enclosures are constructed from glass fibre encapsulated plywood with timber strengtheners. They are designed to withstand wind loading to BS6399: part 2 and snow loading (on the roof) of 2.5kn/m2 (254kg per m2 ). They meet the requirements of BS476: part 7 class 1 (surface spread of flame and retention of stability and integrity). Ingress protection is to IP54 (excluding vents).

We also fit our Enclosures with removable lifting brackets and stainless steel floor fixing points are incorporated within the base, mounted internally. The interior is finished in an off white resin wash and external surfaces are finished in a matt non-reflective paint, shade Goose Grey.

Each compartment is fitted with outward opening double doors with a padlockable handle. The doors are made from glass fibre encapsulated marine plywood with additional structural steel strengthening along the edges where the hinges, door stays and 3 point locking mechanisms attach. Hinges are stainless steel with tamper proof screws. Door stays hold doors open at 90°or 180°. The doors are fitted with compression seals and an overlapping centre seal.

If you have a possible requirement for a GRP Enclosure then speak to a member of our dedicated sales team who will be more than happy to help with your requirements.

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