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GRP Enclosures for the Rail Sector

GRP Enclosures at Fibaform are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the rail industry. We deliver resilience along with essential safety features to meet these requirements. We also offer efficient delivery and installation services.

Safety & Durability

  • Corrosion Resistance: Each enclosure is made for enduring outdoor performance, ensuring they resist corrosion and stand up to the tests of time and elements.
  • Insulated Design: The rail sector often grapples with the risks associated with electrified areas. Our non-conductive design mitigates these risks, offering a safe environment for all operational needs.

Network Rail Affiliation

Our association with Network Rail underscores our commitment to excellence. With a footprint in this esteemed network, we offer a diverse range of PADS approved Enclosures/Cabinets. To gain a deeper understanding of how GRP products have been deployed, we encourage a visit to our projects page.

Constructed with Excellence

  • Material Integrity: Each GRP Enclosure structure is made of glass fibre encapsulated plywood. This core, further strengthened with timber, ensures the cubicle’s robustness against external factors.
  • Conformance to Standards: Our commitment to quality is evident in our adherence to standards such as BS6399: part 2 for wind and snow loads. Further, the safety benchmarks of BS476: part 7 class 1 are meticulously met, guaranteeing safety against flame spread and offering structural stability.
  • Protection Metrics: We take protection seriously. Each enclosure is crafted to offer an ingress protection rating of IP54 (excluding vents), ensuring a robust defence against potential intrusions and environmental factors.

Dedicated Features

  • Ease of Mobility & Security: We’ve strategically incorporated removable lifting brackets for ease of transportation. Additionally, our enclosures are anchored firmly using internal stainless steel floor fixing points.
  • Aesthetic Finish: The interior is smart with an off-white resin finish. Externally, a muted Goose Grey matte offers a touch of sophistication and ties in with the neutral, calm atmosphere of stations.
  • Door Dynamics: The doors show our attention to detail. Crafted from reinforced materials, these double doors offer tamper-proof hinges and secure locking mechanisms, ensuring safety and durability.

Get in touch with us

Considering GRP Enclosures for your rail-related projects? Our sales team is eager to talk to you about your requirements to ensure your projects achieve success.

If you have a possible requirement for a GRP Enclosure then speak to a member of our dedicated sales team who will be more than happy to help with your requirements.

White long enclosure with door closed
Grey empty enclosure with doors open
Two Door Enclosure for Rail Industry - Grey

If you would like more detailed information regarding this product then please call us on 01524 60182 or complete the form below and we will come right back to you.