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Squires Gate Airport – Navigation Aid Cabins

We were first contacted by Squires Gate in December 2018. We received an email from Richard Taylor, one of the Air Traffic Engineers from Blackpool Airport saying they were looking to embark on a project to install new navigation aids. They required 2 GRP enclosures to house to house internal control equipment.

Navigation Aid Cabin designs

By 21st January 2019 we had an official purchase order to manufacture two 2.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m high enclosures. To conform with airport regulations these enclosures were to be externally finished in red and white alternating stripes.

Navigation Aid Cabin designs

By March 2019 the enclosures were ready to be picked up and hauled to Blackpool Airport. After meeting the required deadline and producing such a quality product, we caught the eye of NATS (National Air Traffic Services) who we have since fulfilled an order of 4 similar units for.

Navigation Aid Cabins with red and white stripes

If you would like more detailed information regarding this product then please call us on 01524 60182 or complete the form below and we will come right back to you.